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The Intention and Importance of the Interns Selection


The most important qualification for interns is to integrate them into the new internship-site culture. Interns have different previous practicum experiences and competence, and so do internship sites have different cultures. Thus, the interns’ ability to fulfill the agencies’ needs and to match the agencies’ working styles is a critical selection criterion for most of agencies. For example, NTNU SCC(National Taiwan Normal University Student Counseling Center) has the big caseload from crisis management, clients with high risk to daily life concerns. Thus, NTNU SCC would highly value interns’ clinical competency such as individual and group counseling skills when selecting interns.

For other developing counseling centers, they may value interns’ capacity in doing preventional work. Those works include design and implement psychological health preventional workshops and outreach programs. Those are basic skills of guidance administrative work.

In sum, different internship agencies will select different types of interns according to their needs. The most critical piece of the selection is the internship site’s intentions and the match between interns’ competence and the agencies’ cultures. During the matching and training period, the interns can learn to develop their potentials and professional competence with the training provided by training agencies.

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